Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iphone generate deprecated warnning for CGColorCreateGenericRGB().

I am developing simple application on Quartz (iphone) to load 4 layer at time..
i have override awakeFromNib() method in my LayerView.h file..
It is giving me warning that it is deprecated to os..
and i want CGColorRef object..than how i can get..

CGColorCreateGenericRGB() is not available with iPhone Os ..So Iam geting
deprecated warning ...But Got Solution..see Bellow

IN MY mainView.h

In Method-
CGColorSpaceRef colorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB();
float black1[4] = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0};
CGColorRef black = CGColorCreate(colorSpace, black1);
CALayer *needleLayer = [CALayer layer];
[needleLayer setFrame:CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, [self frame].size.width/2, [self frame].size.height/2)];

[needleLayer setMasksToBounds:YES];
[needleLayer setBackgroundColor:black];
[needleLayer setDelegate:self.layer];

[needleLayer setNeedsDisplay];
[[self layer] addSublayer:needleLayer];

PHP Web Developers India

PHP has taken the IT world by storm. Developers have taken a liking for PHP because it is emerging as the most efficient, open-source scripting language. Besides, it’s a well-known fact, that Apache is the most used web server in the world and that PHP is the most used language. The article discusses briefly what makes PHP the cynosure of developer’s eye.
Eager to know who’s the brain behind this big-bang theory in the development world? He’s Rasmus Lerdorf The developer utilized the first version to run his own home page, while his collection of Practical Extraction and Report Language (Perl) code snippets created by him in 1994 were named Personal Home Page (PHP).

The principle reason for Rasmus to develop PHP language was to keep a track of users viewing his on-line resume. To make it more powerful, Rasmus created functions in C to enable programmer connectivity to a database. This helps programmers coding in PHP, develop dynamic web sites.

Besides the PHP code was open for viewing and manipulation purpose, to further check out its practicality. The arrangement reportedly brought about an improvement in PHP’s coding standards.

In 1995, the second version of Personal Home Page was released along with a form interpreter (PHP/FI).

Such was the craze for the new language that by 1997 over 50,000 websites had PHP installed. In the same year PHP/FI 2.0 was developed by an alpha version. However, developers like Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans discovered that PHP/FI 2.0 was way behind the mark when it came to development of their eCommerce application.

Consequently the progress towards another version of PHP/FI was stopped and PHP 3.0 got the encouraging push. Within no time, version 3.0 proved to be hit due to its innovative features, which helped the end users develop their applications on many databases, protocols and APIs.

The jump from procedural to object orientated coding led to a change in PHP’s focus. The official version of PHP 3.0 was released in June 1998.

After the release, Andy and Zeev got totally engaged in improvisation of the PHP language for about two months in an attempt to optimize the performance of large websites. The duo were trying to introduce modularity in the language. The “Zend Engine” being the result (A combination of two letters existing in the creators Zeev and Andi names). In 1999 the Zend Engine was released.

In May 2000 PHP 3.0 gave way to PHP 4.0. The new version was bifurcated into three sections – The Zend Engine, Server API and Function Modules.

The Zend Engine is accountable for parsing PHP code, defining the syntax of the programming language.

The Server API enables communication and interfacing with the Web Server. With this API, integration of PHP with other servers is possible.

Function Modules comprises MySQL, XML, etc.

PHP 3.0 and PHP 4.0 utilize objects as containers of properties like associated arrays. An associated array is array with keys which have a value associated. The object had to belong to a class full of properties and functions.

Formerly, PHP objects where being utilized as associative arrays rather than the way they should be used. Values were used to pass objects into functions instead of reference. This challenged the purpose of programming with object, according to Zeev Suraski. According to him ‘Objects and other types of values are not equal; therefore, Objects should be passed around by reference unless stated otherwise.”

So far PHP has struck a right chord with the developers. However, in a bid to make it more object oriented PHP 5.0 was evolved, based on the newest Zend Engine 2.0 release.

The Zend website provides an outline on how to use the Zend 2.0 Engine with the latest PHP 5.0 release. In the Zend 2.0 Engine, Andi Gutmans has treated Object very differently. Objects now will be dealt as object handles, indexed in a global object table.

This stirs up an important fact that should not be confused. That fact that the object handles will be passed by their value in the index table. This does not mean that the objects are being passed by value. The result is quite the opposite. The novel feature means that object handles will be passed by value and objects will be passed by reference.

Now PHP will perform functions like a proper Object Oriented language with this latest release of PHP 5. Objects acting like objects will now be of great advantage to the end users, as the overall functionality of the application gets enhanced. Consequently the application will run faster and the problems with regards to object orientation will reduce considerably. This means that large applications will be become easier to maintain and extend upon.

To facilitate PHP 5.0 with its new OO philosophy, Zend 2.0 has unleashed new offerings, like private member variables and methods, static variables and language level aggregation. PHP will now be able to interact with external component models, such as Java, COM/DCOM, and .Net.

This means that PHP now at a comfort level with Java and .Net environment, since the elements in these languages can be used transparently inside PHP, as if they were PHP components.

PHP 5.0 will use the identical interface for all objects, including native objects, ensuring that all objects in the application (i.e. PHP objects and overloaded objects) behave in a steady manner.

Besides PHP 5.0 will further find favor among the developers with its error handling capabilities so now your application can apprise the user of what the problems are.

PHP 5.0 is consistently evolving as the biggest plus point for web applications. With the use of the Zend Engine 2.0, large scale web applications using PHP 5.0 will perform better, thanks to PHP’s continuous drive towards object orientation.

Implement Drag and drop functionality in my application

I want to drag image from one UIImageView to other UIImageView.

Is there any event handle to this drag and drop functionality.
Any one have different idea to handle this. than please reply.
Any coding idea related to this?

How can I test, run and install my application on iphone?

Hello Everybody,

I am an iphone Developer. We are group of developer woking in iphone development.
We have developed an application and a small game on simulator and it is working fine with simulator, now I need to put both the applications on apple store. So what is the procedure to build the application bundle to test it on iPhone device and after testing, I also want to know how to put it on Apple Store.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Careers for Web Developers & Web Site Designers

Virtueinfo is one of the growing players in website development services today. As one of the largest website development company we cater major online business in the world today. Virtueinfo is focused on delivering excellent results to its clients. The growth of an organisation is determined by its people. At Virtueinfo we are passionate about our people and respect and appreciate every individual contribution. We encourage people, in every work function to express and share their ideas and to make a difference.

Virtueinfo work globally across borders and as we say sky is limit. We believe in the famous quote that “A good inspiration from someone today, could be the subsequent new innovation of tomorrow.” Our global broadway family share resources and combine their skills to solve business issues and meet personal objectives.

An exclusive place to work

Virtueinfo presents a unique opportunity for deserving candidates who learn to prosper in a developing organisation that is dedicated to an aim of customer satisfaction. Maintaining an ethical work environment is a key to preserving the integrity that the organisation was built on. At Virtueinfo, you will come face to face with a huge vault of opportunity; the key to which will be the numerous projects assigned to you. We at Virtueinfo strongly support equal opportunity rights for all races, genders, ages. We have a prayer area for all of us to use to support individual needs. Our main aim is to provide an environment in which our Virtueinfo people that make broadway family feel appreciated and treasured for their individuality, and that is supportive of difference.

Virtueinfo always in search for the perfect candidates who can help retain our core values and ultimate commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. We are currently looking for exceptionally dynamic persons who share our commitment to excellence and can move ahead towards success.

Please review list of open positions on our website, to keep your self informed of career opportunities with Virtueinfo . You can also contact us if you have questions or would like to submit your resume for future consideration. Short-listed candidates are usually invited for a written analytical/logical test and a subsequent interview as part of the selection process. The dynamic and innovative world of the IT industry, in all occupations awaits you!

1. Web Developer (PHP)

* Desired Profile : Minimum of 2 years in PHP/MySQL and AJAX
* Designation : Seinior Web Developer
* Experience : 2-3 years
* Location : Rajkot and Ahemdabad (Gujarat)
* Education UG : Any Graduate - Any Specialization
* PG : Any PG Course - Any Specialization

Job Description :

* Development of project plans and ensuring that development milestones objectives are met.
* Involvement in the full project lifecycle, including Requirements Analysis, Design and Deployment.
* Identification and management of customer expectations for deliverables throughout the project lifecycle.
* Work closely with internal/external customers and development team to produce timely deliverables.

Desired Profile :

* Ideal candidate should be an experienced web based application Lead/Developer who wants to move ahead into their career towards Technical analysis / project management.
* The candidate should have complete SDLC experience on at least 4 live web projects, can have experience in any of the web development languages like java/jsp, php, perl, Asp/.net, coldfusion etc.
* The ideal candidate should have experience working in small cross functional teams and should be able to effectively communicate with his or her peers, managers and clients.
* The Candidate should also have strong leadership and time management skills. Send Your Resume at

2. Team Leader (PHP)

* Designation : Team Leader
* Experience : 5 Years
* Location : Rajkot and Ahemdabad (Gujarat)
* Education UG : Any Graduate - Any Specialization

Job Description :

* Candidate will be responsible for Building, Testing , maintaining web-based business applications.
* Hand on experience working on PHP, MySQL, Apache projects individually. Extensive knowledge of putty, ftp, remote connection, XML parsing, shopping cart will be an added advantage.
* Should have hands on experience in developing e-Commerce sites, CMS solutions, and custom web based applications.

Desired Profile :

* Should have minimum 5 year of fulltime experience in PHP and MySQL.
* Should have experience working on web based applications/ecommerce/shopping cart.
* Awareness of osCommerce, AJAX, XML, Smarty, Symfony, Drupal.
* Required good communication skills. Send Your Resume at

3. Web Designer

* Desired Profile : Minimum of 2 years in Photoshop, XHTML and CSS
* Designation : Web Designer
* Experience : 2-3 Years
* Location : Rajkot and Ahemdabad (Gujarat)
* Education UG : Any Graduate - Any Specialization

Job Description :

* Candidates will be responsible for closely working with team to develop interactive and dynamic websites.
* Candidate should be proficient in using html, xhtml, css, javascript related technologies.

Desired Profile :

* He should be carrying expertise knowledge in XHTML and CSS and should have proficiency in designing concepts. Send Your Resume at

Friday, November 14, 2008

iPhone Game Development Portfolio

Virtueinfo has developed an iPhone game named Blinking Bulb. Blinking Bulb is a simple game for checking quickness of the user and how sharp his/her reflexes are. Certain number of bulbs will blink on the screen and user needs to click the blinking bulb before it turns off. Total number of bulbs and number of blinking bulbs will increase with the level and number of true clicks.

At virtueinfo an offshore web development company we offer iPhone application, iPhone game development, iPhone application development, iPhone developers to hire.

Below is the flash demo simulation of the details mentioned above.
iPhone Game Development, iPhone Game Blinking Bulb
iPhone - Game Blinking Bulb

Blinking Bulb is a simple iPhone game developerd by iPhone developers at Virtueinfo.
View demo

iPhone Game Development, Blinking Bulb, iPhone software development, web development for iPhone, iPhone G3 apps development software, iPhone application development, iPhone development services

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

iPhone Application Development

Virtueinfo has developed an iPhone image upload application, where user can select images from iPhone photo library, The photo library is collection of the images taken from iPhone camera. User can crop and rotate image as well, after selecting the image user can upload image with its title, image tag and description. User will have to enter his login credentials of as well.

The uploaded image can be viewed at profile of the user, as the application developed is compatible with this site. The code is flexible to be adapted for other sites as well.

The flash demo below is simulation of the details mentioned above.
iPhone - Image Transfer Application

Transfer images from iPhone to any web application like

iPhone application development, iPhone development services, web development for iPhone, iPhone software development, iPhone G3 apps development software

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dubai 20

A term that kept repeating itself during my days in college was the “Freshmen 15” – a phenomenon that took first year students by storm as their mass x gravity showed an increase of 15 lbs between the arrival date in college and the return home for the summer. My situation however was contrary and I took the other extreme. The first semester, I was 5 kilos down and I was still going south with the fear of male anorexia. Fortunately, there was a weight stabilization factor that kicked in every holiday season – destination Dubai (home).

Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle that attracts thousands of immigrants every year. Fat pay cheques with comforts of domestic help means that the general “size” of the population is higher (or heavier!) every year.

Dubai’s vision to be one of the most sought after tourist hubs in the world is evident in the tremendous flourish in it’s hospitality sector. Every holiday in Dubai was an eye opener as to what mankind can accomplish with great leadership and direction. Hotels, restaurants, cafes & night life have sprung up in the city faster than Schumy’s lap records at the Spanish grand prix.

Now Dubai has over 1200 restaurants (excluding the “menu-less” ones) that cater to every taste of its residents which include people from over 200 countries. The wealth of nationalities has contributed quite literally to a melting pot of different cultures and is evident in the different cuisines offered around town.

Whilst the quantity of restaurants increases, there is no compromise on quality either. Some of the finest restaurants in the world have opened branches in Dubai to get a piece of the Emirate’s economic success and of course contribute to every new immigrant’s “Dubai 20”!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The ‘Vintage’ Experience

After an intense evening work out session at the gym, the vision of a relaxed night at home, DVD on, some good food - it comforted the mind and not to mention my exhausted body parts. About a minute later it all changed. Persistence is the name of her game and she always gets what she wants. But this time she’s gone too far - Cheese fondue? On the one hand, the brutal work out meant that a little indulgence was well earned. On the other hand, all that effort, 150 sit ups, 2 km run, weights, stretches, all of it gone to waste? When has the mind overruled the heart when it comes to some fine company?

The reviews on suggested that Vintage would be the perfect choice for the evening. In any case Wafi’s restaurants have always been my favourite – Persia Persia for Iranian, Asha’s for Indian, Thai Chi for Thai & Chinese.

A walk into Vintage and immediately we knew it had the right ambience for the evening. Greeted by our smiling hostess, we were offered seating at the high chaired tables or the more comfortable couches. A discussion was not required; an executive decision was already made by my ‘fine company’.

The menu had all sorts of exotic cheese, meats and wine offerings. Cheese boards with different exotic cheeses, red wines and white wines. This time I appreciated the ‘executive decision’ made. “We will take your special for tonight – traditional fondue & a bottle of merlot” she said confidently.

A look around while we waited for the fondue, told us that Vintage was a very popular place amongst the western expatriates. The right amount of lighting with a sophisticated setting complemented with cheerful personnel makes it the right atmosphere for an evening of cheese and wine indulgence.

The traditional fondue was worth the wait and we savoured it to the final piece of bread covered with melted cheese. The merlot was the right flavour to enhance the fondue experience. The word ‘vintage’ when used as an adjective also means “Characterized by maturity, and enduring appeal; classic”, which summarizes our ‘Vintage’ experience.