Monday, September 8, 2008

Open Source CMS Development

To grow your web site, you have to reduce your dependence on the programmer or the web developer to manage content like to edit, upload or delete, as the world moves towards a more collaborative form of content generation. How much speed your web site replicate the proper content for the appropriate people and allow them to place their own suggestions and content describes your website, and will carry on doing so in the future too.

You can leverage open source web content management systems to professionally handle content on your live web site or local web site. Many open source CMS are liberally accessible to download, but it needs to modify and improve them so that they can be made appropriate for your necessities.

Open Source Content Management System User’s Advantages:

• Quick Improvement of collaborative, social media websites
• Decrease dependence on web developers for daily tasks related to content
• You can change features and themes in a click of a button
• Build a strong information architecture
• To publish web content learning curve will be shorten.
• Security level of content will be stronger
• Give user rights
• You can have the facility to change or restructure the website when ever you want.

Virtueinfo Offers Open Source CMS Development solutions to all kind of organizations including business clients, individual bloggers, social media web sites, web site designers, web developers.

Open source content management system customization:

Virtueinfo specialized to build custom web based CMS using Drupal, Joomla and several other applications. We can do all kind of work from template integration to custom component development for these CMS web applications. We have implemented CMS for hundreds of clients of different industries; our web developer team realizes the unique features, pros and cons of the popular open source CMS technologies. Getting understand requirements of clients we suggest solution which will meet your necessities completely.

At Virtue info we offer Open Source CMS Development & Open Source CMS Customization which includes Drupal Development, Joomla Development, Drupal Customization, Joomla Customization, Drupal Design Integration.

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CMS Drupal Development

Drupal Development is in the present time the most sophisticated CMS (Content Management System) on Internet. It's popular all over the world. Its main advantages are wide social network, which is still improving the system and makes an effort to approach it to general public, personalisation and security. Whole Drupal is under GNU General Public License 2 (GPL) and contents a large amount of additional modules and themes. It's installation is very simple and the homepage includes entire informations from global news up to useful tutorials which helps beginners and advanced users how to sort out any problem. Everybody can access the huge Drupal API and look inside the core of the system.

The core is written in PHP and cooperates with MySQL or PostgreSQL database engines. Drupal core consists from modules. However, there is a variety of other modules. Developers can simply download a module, copy it into the Drupal site and install it within the administration. Every module has its own ability and functionality.

Main Purpose
The aim of Drupal is to be the powerful engine of websites, which can simply build and handle every user. Drupal is still on the way, however the awaiting version 6.0 will provide lots of new features and improvements. It also should approach Drupal to regular users. Drupal is now able to be extended by official modules to a variety of website types from a simple weblog to extensive e-shop or a huge application.

CMS Drupal is easy to install on the most of hosting programms. Its minimal requirements are: Web server, the best choice is Apache PHP version 4.3.3 and higherMySQL version at least 4.0 or PostgreSQL at least 7.0Database user has to be allowed to CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES and LOCK TABLES. Some modules require .htaccess file and mod_rewrite support

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