Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drupal Module - iGallery


* Compatibility : DRUPAL 6
* Version : 6.6 - Beta version.
* Liecense Information : No liecense

Copy the module directory in your modules folder and enable it.You can create public and private igallery content using this module.

For adminster igallery go to "Igallery Settings" in administer menu and follow the form and help description.

For creating new igallery go to create content and create a igallery content type. The new igallery content type will act as igallery.

Click radio button to select ur igallery type.

If u select Image it will work as image igallery. If u select Video it will work as video igallery.

You can upload wmv, mov, mpeg and some other contents type to video gallery. It will be converted to flv formate using ffmpeg commands.

Once u create i gallery you will not able to change it type.

You can select plugin to show image type igallery.... available plugins options are....

1) Greybox
2) Lightbox

Flowplayes is used to show videostreaming in video type i gallery.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Drupal Modules

* Compatibility : DRUPAL 6
* Version : 6.6 - Beta version.
* Liecense Information : No liecense

Copy the module directory in your modules folder and enable it.You can create public and private group content using this module.

For adminster groups go to group settings in administer menu and follow help description.

For creating new group go to create content and create a group content type. The new group content type will act as group.

For content adding and content management to group please download group_content module.

Download Free Drupal Modules

Monday, December 22, 2008

Zen Restaurant Review

For a newcomer, finding gate 6 of Za’abeel Park was not the easiest battle to win considering the general lack of directions/ signage in Dubai. After locating gate 6, we then faced round 2 of our confusion; where exactly is Zen? After parking a certain distance away, we walked to the entrance and were informed that Zen was, in fact, right in front of the entrance. We were all smiles considering the appetite we had built up!

As we marched forward towards the restaurant, we noticed the obvious lush green environment and a lake that surrounds the restaurant – a great first impression. After entering Zen, there’s a certain sense of comfort that engulfs you. This could be attributed to the peaceful ambience within the restaurant, although the lack of customers was quite apparent.

To start off, we were recommended iced teas. Both the Thai Iced Tea & the Green Iced Tea with honey were quite satisfying and worth a try. Moving on to the food, we felt that the server was not very knowledgeable and fortunately the owner gave us his personal attention. I was recommended the “Laab Tofu” a salad not on the menu but specially offered to meet my vegetarian taste buds. I was definitely pleased with the suggestion! It was a perfect mix of the right spices, the results being delicious. My friends enjoyed their soups and we all savored the next recommendation from the owner – “Pad Sieu Che.” Although we normally go for the typical Pad Thai, we particularly enjoyed this dish which to summarize I would describe as Thai flat noodles. My friends also tried some Non-Veg dishes, Malays Mee Goreng, Stir Fried Noodle Chicken and Joru Che ; All fantastic dishes, savored to the last morsel!

The only area of slight dissatisfaction was the service. There was possibly only one server that night who was not the most helpful – it was the manager that made the difference.

Come October, the restaurant will offer its outdoor seating overlooking the small lake and I can already see it overflowing with Dubai’s foodies.

Overall, I truly recommend this place especially for Thai food lovers!

To summarize I could say
“A truly ‘hidden’ gem!”


The bill didn’t hurt the pocket too much either and therefore Zen is easily one of those restaurants you would visit frequently.

Average price per person (including drink/starter/main course): AED 80/person.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Increase your Rankings by shaping your pr with nofollow increase the number of indexed pages in google

Technology can be used for many SEOs, perhaps the most debated
The use of nofollow PageRank day of the sculpture. While many SEOs
As proof of support for the nofollow and verifiable, so that the key page ranking
High contact with other people are reluctant, preferring their
His website, or for the robots.txt file.

The report drew the curtain back and read is full of mystery and
And even dangerous technologies can be used for the use of nofollow
Sculpture your PageRank.

PageRank and define nofollow

Let us begin by ensuring that all on the same page. Google is due to
The rules, we will start with the Google PageRank formal definition ...
"PageRank relies on the unique democratic nature of the terrain
The use of link structure as an indicator for personal web pages. IN
In essence, Google explained the link on the Web page A point B as a vote
A Web page on B "

In simple words, to connect more of a page, the higher
PageRank will be. Each page of the possible PageRank
Through links to other pages. This process also known as a temporary link
Juice. nofollow attribute role at this stage.

10 pages of external links with any link juice
So that each link to 10% of the page link juice. Add
nofollow attribute to one of the five is twice as high as the amount
Link juice flows through the rest of the band 5, so that they each
About 20% of the juice May be linked

This means that, through carefully selected internal links, you nofollow
After the opening you have the ability to shift from juice contact your page and send important
More juice pages link to a high level.

To understand your goals

Although the nofollow can be very effective, can not use nofollow
Your first choice to optimize the structure of your site PageRank flow.
In the first nofollow on your site, you must determine whether you
To the same purpose to make changes to the structure site
And a direct link juice more natural way.

Full debate on the best sites outside the framework of the
This article, but here are some of the criteria ...

Make sure your contact information more profitable your Web page
Most of the PageRank (usually your home page).

Make sure that the links among a number of pages to ensure, 100
They were searched.

You must link to the page text to enshrine
Page Rank.

By customizing your link, you can link to your website
The direction of your main page, you can be an effective
PageRank does not use the nofollow.

However, a number of sites has been a long time, or perhaps
A large number of pages, selective use of nofollow the flow of direct links
Juice May a realistic framework for large-scale site redesign.

If the company PageRank sculpture, the first objective is to increase
Your important pages indexed. The second objective is to influence the flow
Link juice through the Web site to promote your website important
Ranking. These two goals are to achieve PageRank diversion of the road
It is also important from the Web page and an important direction.

Let's take a look at the concept behind each ...

1st That makes you more important pages indexed

On the pages divided by the level of your site. Your house is your
High-level pages. This is almost always at the top of the page
Web site because of the nature of the site in the majority.
Each page of your site link to be treated as half a page.
In the ideal case, at this level is the second most important thing you
The customer or the reader. In many cases, the second class in these pages
Their navigation, and almost every page on your site.
In your home, and at the bottom of each page, you can
Often found in the link pages, including the Internet, such as your
Please contact our performance and return policy page. It is
Website to facilitate users, but there is no Web site, you need as well as the ranking.

This is the site of many, or what is wrong. If the link to this expenditure
Each page of the site on your site, the search engine can tell you
Page is more important than they are, in fact, yes. With the Web
To sell shoes, for example, this type of connection to tell the search engine
Their return policy page is also important that your primary basketball
Footwear page.

It is true that nofollow attribute to your costs
Pages from around the world, unless your Sitemap (perhaps your
Page) is a huge advantage. It ensures that the cost for these pages
What did, but no longer absorb the large number of PageRank.
The PageRank can now be sent to your home, and
Continue to ensure that the links page is still visible overhead
To your users.

2nd Deflection in the second-level page ranking

Nofollow attribute from the link on this page overhead,
More juice flows a link on your second level. Typical
This kind of your page, and then flows to your PageRank
Product page. This is the position you have money
Page that you want to index and the position
Possible in the search results.

In addition, because the site is now clear that they are in a better
Have begun to position more contact due to the introduction of people to find
In its search engine. This may be a further increase in the ratings,
Due to the rising spiral of higher rankings to more links
Lead to a higher rank, and so on.

PageRank and the dangers that the sculpture

When you start carving your PageRank, you'll need a sharp
Understand how your visitors through your site and how customers
In the first place. If for any reason, your customers,
Often on your site about your company's profile page, you do not
To change the page in a further attempt another
Page, do you think better on the page to find potential customers.
Know your Web site analysis is essential to
PageRank of the sculpture series. You have to believe that you really are
Focus on the right side.

Keyword research is crucial for the use of nofollow to the shape of the PageRank.
For example, an online shoe retailer can research keywords
Dessert traffic and long-term competitiveness of soccer shoes.
You can see that, in spite of the word spin
Low-flow control, and its web site to a series of all
Bow and arrow, and the majority of the traffic, transport and
Lead to regular products.

If they start with nofollow, the important thing is search engine
Took place in the correct position on the side spin control, they will
Unwittingly at the expense of existing distribution channels in the hope of snagging sales
Somewhere else. In the worst case, of course, is that they go after
These two words. To understand the information on your own website in advance
Can you in the best position on the basis of sales you have
The possibility of new distribution channels.

In this sense, follow these steps ...

Article 5 main steps are taken to the surface of the use of nofollow ...

1st Observation of your users interact with your site.

2nd To determine which pages are actually lets you money.

3rd To determine whether you simply change the structure of the site is a better solution.

This is not the case ...
4th To make (and documentation) small changes in the use of nofollow attribute.

5th They observe the changes.

nofollow can access your Web site penalty?

Currently, the debate over whether or not to use nofollow
So you can optimize the site and led to the search engine penalties.
The original role of nofollow a measure to prevent spam
Forum and blog. It allows administrators to say ...

"I want the views and link here, but I will not allow any link juice
Through it, because I do not know enough of the site
On the other side of the band. "

This is the direction to spam. And
To a certain level. In a logical extension of this idea is that
nofollow attribute, a red flag, said here untrusted links. Therefore, you
Must ask ourselves if you internal nofollow links on the page
Its own website, do not tell the search engine you do not believe that you
Their own Web pages?

At a certain time May of the case. But the recent Google
Matekaci has been going on record to say that ...

"Nofollow attribute is just a mechanism for the administrator is able to
Levels of homepage links to alter the flow of grain .... no disgrace to
The use of nofollow, even in your own internal links; nofollowed link to Google
From our link graph; we do not use a connection was found. "
Of course, just because some of Google said that everything is okay now, does not mean
They decided not to punish you later. However, individuals, we must
nofollow in many places and our work is only positive results.

If you are still uncomfortable with the use of nofollow attribute,
A number of other ways to optimize the flow of PageRank on your site.
As already mentioned, the structure of your site so that your Web site
Of course, more links to your site important, more and less
Equally important is your Web page.

You can also search Web site links to several pages
Web site links to the use of JavaScript links to split, to search
Engines can not read or links from your side
Blockade of the robots.txt file.

We will not worry too much about Google death penalty, however. In practice,
The real danger would shape the PageRank will not be punished.
The real danger from an over, even doing too much
Fast, accidentally on the street, so that the PageRank
Your site.

We have already seen that most of their high-level site pages
The use of poor implementation of the search results, PageRank too optimistic

There are many advanced technology of carving PageRank, there are a number of
SEOs have a science. However, unless you have a very
Advanced understanding around the PageRank flow to your Web site, you can
Better to limit your PageRank of the sculpture, because it is a lot of
Easier to prevent damage to your site more than a contribution to use this technology.
However, the strategy nofollow to your site, a link to your
Each side is the indirect site can not so easily
They worry about the negative consequences of the flow of PageRank. Would you
The expenditure of your index page, they must be related to your
Web site, and maybe even your home. However, the rest of the nofollow links.

Modeling, You Crazy Diamond

It is important to note that the use of nofollow, so as to PageRank is not
Search engine optimization and a perfect solution, only one of many tools available.
For good luck with this instrument, and the rest, you need to update your
The goal is to clear your mind, you know that Web site, temper your desire,
A higher ranking search engine optimization and user-friendly Web site visitors
Finally - and the measure of all documents (and sometimes even the smallest
The results led to the biggest change)!

Now, let your hammer and chisel, because it is the time to learn sculpture!
Professional Search Engine

Remember this points while doing On page SEO as they may be dangerous for you

It seems that a lot of emphasis on the creation of relationships that I
Aware of the link is very important. But you know about the Web search engine optimization? No
Some of the factors is the standard business strategy? If yes, what is
A: In fact, the Web search engine optimization is essential. And,
Although we have the same subject in depth, almost everything you need to know
The main elements on the page search engine optimization can be properly
There follows a list of 5:00 ...
1st Title
- Each page has a unique H TML "title" tag
Keyword ranking pages. Your search
Close to the front of the title tags and to less than 60 titles
2nd Said Ming Meita Label
- Each page has a unique,
Convincingly that 150 characters or less under
Yuan describes the label. Do not worry much about the keyword here.
On the contrary, the use of this brand of compelling reasons for people who click on
Her article, it appears in search results.
3rd Title
- Each side must "H-1-gene", the title of keywords
The Page Rank. This is a very good change to determine the
Keyword in the title tag, as a single or plural
Version of the keyword.
4th Key words
- Spreading the keyword 3 -4 times in the rest of your page
内容. So that they boldly label or a bullet in the list
This has to be done.
5th Anchor Text
- Your link to other pages that you put up the best of your keywords
Link (anchor text).
Bonus Tips: How to format your usual Web page links. For
For example, you should contact instead In the layout of your web site has always been,
You avoid the confusion of the search engine spiders, otherwise they will see
These are all different format as a unique Web page, which in turn weaken
Your PageRank.

This is fast. Of course, there are these pages in search engine optimization, and other topics
Search and carved PageRank, which also won an in-depth --
The report in this publication. However, the captain of the 5 steps
First takes you miles off of most competitors.

Remove tinymce from drupal block edit page when format is set to PHP

Small one this to compliment our other article on removing tinymce from select textareas. This enhancement will hide tinymce from the Drupal block edit screen when the input format is set to PHP. This stops the problem of tinymce stripping the PHP tags from the block edit textarea when you edit your block

The following function goes into your template.php file and will solve the problem of tinymce showing up on a block when the format is set to PHP

function phptemplate_tinymce_theme($init, $textarea_name, $theme_name, $is_running) {
print $textarea_name;
//add text areas to disable tinymce for
case ‘log’:
return $init;

case ‘body’:
if (arg(0)==’admin’ && arg(1)==’build’ && arg(2)==’block’){
$format = db_result(db_query(”
SELECT format
FROM {boxes}
WHERE bid=%d”,$bid
if ($format==2){
return $init;

return theme_tinymce_theme($init, $textarea_name, $theme_name, $is_running);