Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowin Special

Long ago, one day the people saw a notice on the notice board when they came back after lunch hour working in a leading company of Saint Lui, the capital of Missouri a state of United States of America.

That notice included,

“A person of our company is accidentally died yesterday, who was the obstacle in your development. We have arranged his last rites in the Exercise hall.” We have to gather in the Exercise Hall to pay homage to that gentleman’s soul, in the recess time.

Naturally, every one was very sad after listening this news. As their colleague is no more. But later on, every one was excited to know that who is that guy. Every one was started to gather in the Exercise hall to pay homage. Excitement of every one was increasing, ‘who was that person?? Who was obstacle for us?? Okay, its good to know that now that obstacle is no more!’ Every one was thinking like that.

When every one was gathered near coffin, The Director of the company requested all to come near by coffin, one by one to pay homage, and then back to their seats.

It was pin drop silence among all, and every body went to see the gentleman near the coffin which was open. Every body was shocked after seeing the coffin, and then took their seat, every one was thinking.

There was a mirror in the coffin! Every body saw them self in mirror!!

There was a sentence on the board beside it,

“This is the only person, who is the obstacle for yourself.” Only you are the obstacle between you and your progress!
That’s only you!

This is the only person who is able to bring drastic changes in your life. Only you can make your happiness and sad moments; and achieve the success you want. You only can help your self. If you will change your seniors, friends, parents, life partner or company, that can not change your life a lot. But your life can be changed only when you are changed.

You can feel that only you are the responsible for your life, when you start to think beyond your believes.

The most important relationship in your life is only with your self among your each and every relationship.