Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book database migration for drupal 5 to drupal 6

Hi.. How are you all.. its been nice to present PHP script for the database migration of book from drupal 5 to drupal 6.

After a lot of goggling I came to a conclusion that there are scripts for migrating drupal 5 db to drupal 6 db. In fact drupal itself provides upgrading mechanism for druapal 5 -> drupal 6. But somehow neither drupal nor someone else has provided any way to migrate drupal book from d5 to d6.

Drupal 5 book is fairly simple in managing its hierarchy as it manages entire hierarchy using parent and weight etc fields but drupal 6 is little tough to understand , specifically menu_link table, which has p1,p2,p3 for managing book hierarchy, this table is introduced in D6 only..

After investing quite a few quality hours , we (our team) have created a script which can migrate d5 book to d6 book. It seems like a small achievement for us. We put it also in drupal community site. http://drupal.org/node/1061002 So in future if anyone who is not the member of virtueinfo family can use it also. so its like open to the world. We are glad if this script will be used & helpful to others.

And ya.. We are very eager if any one have faced same problem but find solution better then us Or found any mistake in our script . Then please inform us about that. We are very glad from getting improve the solution.

If possible we will upload new version with polished logic, but I hope this would solve some ones concern and thus our work will come handy to drupal community..

Its great work from virtueinfo drupal team. Its like a small achievement for us that makes a script & upload it to the drupal community site. I hope that this kind of work will continues.

Thanking you,