Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drupal Module - iGallery


* Compatibility : DRUPAL 6
* Version : 6.6 - Beta version.
* Liecense Information : No liecense

Copy the module directory in your modules folder and enable it.You can create public and private igallery content using this module.

For adminster igallery go to "Igallery Settings" in administer menu and follow the form and help description.

For creating new igallery go to create content and create a igallery content type. The new igallery content type will act as igallery.

Click radio button to select ur igallery type.

If u select Image it will work as image igallery. If u select Video it will work as video igallery.

You can upload wmv, mov, mpeg and some other contents type to video gallery. It will be converted to flv formate using ffmpeg commands.

Once u create i gallery you will not able to change it type.

You can select plugin to show image type igallery.... available plugins options are....

1) Greybox
2) Lightbox

Flowplayes is used to show videostreaming in video type i gallery.