Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A week of symfony #106 (5-11 january 2009)

A new year means new symfony versions and therefore, this week symfony developers started committing changesets to 1.3 branch. In addition, the winner of the Jobeet design contest was announced and symfony 1.2.2 was released.
Development mailing list
Discussions about symfony 1.2 admin generator partial feeds and sfForm vs Factories.yml
Development highlights
r14468, r14469: [1.0, 1.1] backported fix from #2240 to 1.0 and 1.1 after having it tested in 1.2 version
r14481: [1.1] fixed autoloading for PHP 5.1.2
r14483, r14484: [1.1, 1.2] fixed unfinished ob_start in sfValidatorFile
r14485: [1.2] fixed form and view_cache tester are not overridable
r14486: [1.2] fixed sfTesterUser inability to test attribute for namespaces
r14507: [1.2] fixed uppercase POST/GET are not XHTML valid
r14511: [1.2] fixed generate:app and escaping-strategy
r14515: [1.2] silenced possible warning
r14516: [1.2] fixed multiple selector chaining in sfDomCssSelector.class
r14518: [1.2] added cast of generate:app escaping strategy to boolean
r14523: [1.2] publish-assets now canonicalizes pathes before creating the links, thus allowing "\.." and "\."
r14561: [1.3] Created symfony 1.3 doc branch from symfony 1.2.2
Milestone 1.2.2 completed
r14591: [1.3] implemented ArrayAccess interface for sfUser attributes
r14592: [1.3] implemented ArrayAccess interface for sfRequest parameters
r14593: [1.3] added accessor for request content
r14594: [1.3] added accessor for request options + added to web debug bar
r14596: [1.3] made web asset (js, css, image) paths customizable
r14599: [1.3] tweaked cache reload url in web debug bar (to maintain environment)
r14600: [1.3] added accessor for logger options + set dispatcher
r14601: [1.3] added php error handling when using web debug logger (partially reverted)
r14602: [1.3] added better logging for sfBasicSecurityFilter
r14619: [1.3] added upgrade structure for 1.3
r14466: [1.2] fixed issue with sfDoctrineFormFilter::processValues
r14470: [1.2] corrected fix for resetting filters
r14472: [1.2] fixed issue where i18n doesn't fall back to default culture
r14498: [1.2] adding coverage for ticket
r14499: [1.2] form filters now perform a stricter check
r14500: [1.2] fixed issue where filter functions for fields are not camelized
r14501: [1.2] fixed sfDoctrineRoute to return object instead of null
r14510: [1.2] fixed lingering uppercase method attribute
r14512: [1.2] admin generator resets default filter values correctly
r14550: [1.2] fixed error when uploading files for embedded forms
r14597: [1.3] fixed ability to disable admin generator css by setting false
r14470: [1.2] corrected fix for resetting filters
r14480: [1.2] updated bg translations of the admin generator
r14499: [1.2] form filters now perform a stricter check
r14509: [1.2] fixed the way propel handles batch deletions to notify deletion behaviours
r14512: [1.2] admin generator resets default filter values correctly
r14597: [1.3] fixed ability to disable admin generator css by setting false
Updated dwhittle branch
...and many other changes
Development digest: 170 changesets, 39 defects created, 54 defects closed, 6 enhancements created, 14 enhancements closed, 20 documentation defects created, 31 documentation defects closed and 23 documentation edits.
Book and documentation
Updated How to use FCK editor page
Published spanish, italian and vietnamese translations of Jobeet tutorial
Published some vietnamese translations of cookbook tutorials: Quản lý giỏ hàng với plugin sfShoppingCart, Thay đổi cấu trúc thư mục mặc định and Dùng Doctrine để lấy dữ liệu
New Job Postings:
Symfony Developer for various plugins and projects - freelance, based in Berlin or Leipzig, Germany - Contact: info [at] mahono [dot] com
Symfony Developer @ Cortica - half or full-time based in MATAM, Haifa (Israel) - Contact: koby [at] cortica [dot] com
New developers for hire:
Boxlight Media Ltd: London based new media agency specializing in enterprise web application development and e-mail marketing strategies who are actively using symfony as their preferred and recommended application development framework.
New symfony blogger:
Lapin Blanc (feed)
gestadieu.blogspot.com (feed)
New plugins
sfTidyPlugin: provides automated code repair (ex. users input from TinyMCE or FCKEditor) and produces valid XHTML or XML code. Plugin requires PHP Tidy extension.
sfMicroBlogPlugin: provides a tool box to manipulate microbloging sites. Currently twitter, ping.fm, identi.ca or any other laconi.ca are supported.
sfCookieSessionStoragePlugin: session data is directly stored in an encrypted cookie on the client side (no persistent session on the server side).
sfScriptaculousPlugin: additional JavaScript helpers formely found in JavaScriptHelper.php
sfSocialPlugin: adds social network features for your users: contacts, messages, status, etc.
sfWebRPCPlugin: allows ultra easy creation of RPC servers with symfony
Updated plugins
sfDatagridPlugin: fix the exception when the date filter value cannot be converted
DbFinderPlugin: fixed wrong exception text
sfSmartyPlugin: updated require_once to work with PEAR installed Symfony or Symfony installed as an external, updated to allow Smarty from PEAR installations
i18nTranslatePlugin: initial import
sfDoctrineUserPlugin: added a branch for 1.2
sfExtjsThemePlugin: added in ability to set actions
sfPhpDocPlugin: changed base class of sfGeneratePhpDocTask to sfBaseTask
sfImageTransformPlugin: fixed role attribute in package.xml
sfOpmlPlugin: fixed sfOpml::fromArray()
sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: various additional fixes for symfony 1.2 upgrade
tsTitlePlugin: added support for cache, fixed tsTitleTest
ckWebServicePlugin: updated README, created branch for sf1.1 version, added folder for 1.2 branch,
swToolboxPlugin: updated sendMail method
ysfYUIPlugin: changed calls to sfLoader::loadHelpers() to sfApplicationConfiguration::loadHelpers()
dwSwfChartPlugin: fixed issue with relative url root
sfDoctrineAdminGeneratorWithShowPlugin: update from official theme
sfEasyDebugPlugin: modification to allow to work when stack is not complete
sfFormExtraPlugin: fixed Autocomplete getStyleSheets() returns incorrect files, updated sfFormExtraPlugin package.xml
Some new symfony powered websites
TrustedReviews: UK's premier source of technology news and reviews
Kann nicht Auto fahren: (german) complain about bad car drivers and emberass them by adding photos and videos
ListasEmCaixas: (portuguese) social list making application
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