Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HS Dent Case Study - Web development case studies

HSDent Case Study

HS Dent is an economic research and forecasting company that works diligently to provide Financial Professionals and individuals with the proprietary economic tools needed to accurately forecast what lies ahead in our economy based on The Dent Method – the only documented record of success at forecasting long term economic trends...

Purpose: - HSDent is content management system and for shopping cart online printing orders.

Description: -

* HSDent is content management system for admin can manage all contents like left,right,center,header and footer parts.
* User can register with different user category wise.
* User can purchase HSDent products online and checkout after login.
* User can see blogs of HSDent and is able to add comment on its.
* User is able to modify his/her profile, membership and can change his/her password through jquery.
* User can see his purchase history of products and recent blogs comments.
* User can see HSDent events.
* User is able to play and listen audio and download its according to their usertype wise.
* In HSDent we provide QBI functionality for admin.
* SEO url,metadata,pagetitle,metakeyword and metatitle manages from admin side.
* All site content manages from admin side.
* All categories and products admin manages ordering wise.
* feedburner,twitter and facebook thirdparty functionality integrated.

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