Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Article Publishers: What Are They Looking For?

Here is the next edition of the Training Series: An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing.

Here are the top 5 factors ezine publishers look for when deciding which articles to publish:

1. Does the article have zero self-serving links in the article body?

Loading up the body of your article with affiliate links or other obvious self-serving links is a liability and will keep your article from ever seeing top results.

2. Does the article have no more than 2 self-serving links in the resource box?

Your resource box at the bottom of your article should be short and to the point. It should also be less than 10% of the total word count of your article. Ezine publishers don't mind giving you name credit and a link for sharing your article with them, but they don't want to look like a fool by being required to reprint a short novel about all of your websites and accomplishments.

3. Is the article within 400-750 words?

Readers want instant gratification from your quality, original content. No one has the time to really go deep when it comes to reading email newsletters. It's proven that shorter articles achieve a much higher distribution rate than longer ones.

4. Does the article deliver quality, original content with numbered lists, bullet points or easy to glean information their audience would deem valuable?

Key Point: Make sure your articles are 100% original content. Anything less is considered an insult.

5. Is the article's author well recognized or respected within their market niche?

Ezine publishers have an ego just like you. They want to use articles in their email newsletters that make them look good. The more you use your articles to help yourself gain credibility for your unique expertise within your niche, the greater the chances you'll find your articles getting picked up by your ezine publishing peers.

The next edition of the EzineArticles Training Series: An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing will offer tips to increase your article production in less time by writing article sets.


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